The Disappearance of PurchasedMuffin

So, I only seem to make Tumblr posts four times a year, so I guess this may be the last post of the quarter. I seem to be like, 2% a normal
Anyway, Kill la Kill is the newest anime I’ve been hooked on. As the phrase I saw best states it, “The fanservice levels are in proportion to just how badass the show is.”
I highly recommend y’all watch it!

Have some more Black Rock Shooter! Just finished the anime, finally. The artwork, music, story, everything… Ohhhh, it’s just so good. And again, I own none of this, just love the beauty of it all. 

Also, STRength is amazing.

I think Kapp’n is trying to tell me something. Gonna train to be one o’ them wrestlers.
Apparently word has circulated through town too, these rumors spread fast.

So, I’ve been all into Animal Crossing: New Leaf recently. I’m probably gonna post a lot of things that stand out to me on here, so to start with, here’s some of my favorite fish-puns! Heh. 


I’ve been all into Steins;Gate recently. Just an absolutely amazing anime, very thought provoking, and has a few twists here and there I didn’t see coming. Also, lab coats? Yeah. Sexy. 
Can’t wait to see the movie, and maybe find an English patch for the VN.

Here’s some more amazing Lego artwork, this time focusing on some of Hayao Miyazaki works. I dunno, all of this custom Lego art is incredible, at least in my opinion. Yet again, Lego’s aren’t just for kids. Enjoy :3

Heh, I’d pay so much to watch a Gainax race. Also, the Akira bike is pretty awesome to add in there.

Heh, I’d pay so much to watch a Gainax race. Also, the Akira bike is pretty awesome to add in there.

Black Rock Shooter, another anime I have yet to finish. Doesn’t matter though, BR*S is still one of my favorite fictional characters.
I mean really. If you have a flaming eye, you’re pretty boss.

Oh, Irisu Kyouko, you’re absolutely horrifying, and yet, I find you absolutely amazing. Adorable when unbothered, but should you mess with her… The stress. I just wanna be your friend ; n ;